Saturday, October 17, 2009

Officially dead now

Blogging is never a my-thing.

Will still be on facebook though,so please search for my name and you will end up with 169 finds but still, a good starting point to find me!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009




Go find out yourselves. It's an Awesome show!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beauty reviews

Beauty is not exactly my cup of tea, probably the opposite of me actually... but anyway, please read

For more pink review on cosmetics and yummy etcs

What Have I Been Up to?

I knew blogging was never for me... especially if you lived in Malaysia without a steady internet connection or not to mention, no internet connection at all. In the few months that I have not been blogging, I managed to find a job, import my boyfriend over, go to Australia.... so I'll say it has been a good start to this year.

*I think I deserve a round of applause just for that*

I am just worried that time is zooming by and I am not doing enough of eating, spending time with friends, exploring that tiny cafe that I have always wanted to go to, travel, marvel more, meditate more..... and maybe I could add... Sleep more...

Reading my dashboard has been a most impressive insight... and I also noted how other bloggers are so much better than me.

I'm out of voice....

Friday, January 23, 2009

One World Youth Project

Why would I be interested in volunteering? A friend recently told me that altruism (doing good to others) was actually more selfish than selfless as you reap more benefits than you sow. Is that true?

Ill leave that up to you. I however LOVE volunteering. There is some kind of endorphine you get from doing charity, so maybe this is what they mean by "reaping what you sow."

All very interesting. To add tuna to the sushi, evolutionary psychology also said that altruism can be seen as a tool that was adapted through all our social relations because being seen as a good guy,you get more respect and things come easier. True or not, Ill Leave all of that here.

I came across the application for a Project Ambassador (surprise! surprise! Its online and its volunteering!). Even better, it was working with youths, pairing schools up in e.g. America and Africa, now, you wouldn't be able to imagine how these children can be affected,right?

Try rewinding your time back to when you were 12...your school is participating in this cool program where you can have pen pals from Latin America (Whatever that meant to you) and you can learn more about what your friends do there.You would be shown pictures of your friends in their uniforms, how many hours they walk to get to school each day, what sort of activities they do at home... how their brothers and sisters work at the fields.... Little impact? Think again!

Because it was through cultural exchanges that I became what I became today. I try very hard to immerse myself in a corporate environment to try to shed this Save-the-world skin of mine, but at the end of the day, I realise that it's just me deep inside, who really thinks that there is a turning point for humanity.

Share your thoughts, radical or not, HERE!